The newly-formed Penobscot Maritime Heritage Association (PMHA) is celebrating Maine’s 200th birthday with the creation of this mobile device app to allow visitors to take a virtual or actual tour of the lower Penobscot River communities. This informative cell-phone/device app débuted early July 2020 and is available this July - August, 2021 to guide travelers through the key historical sites along the 4-Port Loop, whether you are traveling by car, boat or on foot.

The goal of the PMHA is to make the 4-Port Loop a vacation destination in Maine and maintain the summer celebration as a sustainable annual event. The mission of the Penobscot Maritime Heritage Association is to provide an historical perspective of the Penobscot River Basin utilizing the collective energy of its citizens to create educational programs which expand awareness of tourism opportunities in coastal Maine and draw attention to the contemporary enterprises that drive the economies of our towns.

We are celebrating and honoring Maine’s rich maritime past in the historic “four ports” of Bucksport, Castine, Searsport and Bangor/Brewer that anchor the geographic area known as the “4-Port Loop.” Nine other towns in the 4-Port Loop area participating in this OnCell app and a glimpse of their maritime histories can be viewed by clicking on their name. The other 4 Port loop towns are Frankfort, Hampden, Orland, Orrington, Penobscot, Prospect, Stockton Springs, Verona Island and Winterport.

Castine and Orrington tours are ready for you to explore by visiting the 4 Port Loop Map, while the others are still “Under Construction.” Also, a Historic Tour of the region from the time of the Penobscot Nation through a crhonology oof town incorporations is on this app.

A separate tour of nearly all of the Towns historic statues and memorials to those who have served can be toured via the Memorial Map. Take the time to visit these memorials and respected sites and reflect on the sacrifices that have been made for the liberties and freedoms that we enjoy today.

Finally, a tour of specific events occurring in July 2021 can be accessed with the “Events” button. The Town of Orrington's Old Home week event calendar is also included for July 2021.