Memorial Tours

The towns in the lower Penobscot region have placed many memorials and statues honoring those that have served and given the ultimate sacrifice for their community and country. Some of the towns were founded and settled by participants in the Revolutionary War and the War of 182 against the British and recognized for their contributions and service. Most of the towns have Civil War monuments in memory of the soldiers and seamen from their town that died in that war.

The national holiday observed in May and known as Memorial Day originally honored only those lost while fighting in the Civil War or “War of the Great Rebellion”. The residents in the Penobscot River communities supported their town and country in subsequent wars and conflicts in the decades ahead – from the Spanish American War up to the current “war on Terror.”

Take the time to visit these memorials and respected sites and reflect on the sacrifices that have been made for the liberties and freedoms that we enjoy today.