At the Locust Grove Cemetery, off Route 1A in Hampden, there is a small obelisk-style granite monument with Italian marble plaques that was dedicated on July 4, 1864. In addition to providing the names of those residents that died while defending the country during the Civil War, each man’s name is listed along with the date and place of their death.

There are several important inscriptions on the monument and plaques at this monument and include the following: “1864 – Erected by Subscription in Memory of Soldiers and Seamen from the town deceased and slain in the War of the Great Rebellion. The Great Rebellion terminated by the surrender of the Rebel Armies under General Lee April 9. 1865. Our Fallen Heroes, Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States was mortally wounded by an assassin on the 14th and died on the 15th of April 1865. A Martyr to Liberty.” Key plaques are inscribed as follows: “Consecrated by Rev. J. K. Mason July 4, 1864, The Great Rebellion commenced by the attack on Fort Sumpter, April 12, 1861. This Monument placed hereby James A. Sweft.”