The small Town of Prospect has a Historical Marker at the Scenic Overlook of the Fort Knox and Waldo-Hancock County Observatory Bridge that recognizes the significant Revolutionary War navy loss by the American Colonists, the so-called “Penobscot Expedition”. The image below captures the historic significance of the loss by noting “Two thousand colonials failed to capture Fort George at Castine with its contingent of 750 British land troops, 3 sloops and 4 transports. The Americans burned or sank almost 40 of their own vessels as far north as the City of Bangor as they fled the site of their attach”. The marker was placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution, Searsport, Maine.

A second granite memorial with a bronze plaque is inscribed simply with the following “In Memory of Veterans of All Wars” followed by a separate plaque with the town’s name.