Castine has three memorials. Two are on the Town Common and one is in front of Emerson Hall. The Civil War memorial at the Town Common is of a soldier which was sculpted by the Hallowell Granite Company. The statue was funded by the Town, at a cost of $1,525 and it was dedicated on May 30, 1887. On the front of the base of the statue is the following inscriptions: “In Memory of the Soldiers and Sailors from Castine Who Offered Their Lives in the War for the Preservation of the Union 1861 – 65” and below that: “With a Great Sum Obtained – We this Freedom”

A World War I monument on the Town Common is east of the Civil War memorial and consists of a bronze plaque mounted on a low, rounded natural-granite rock. It is an “Honor Roll” for the years 1917 and 1918 and recognizes the contribution and sacrifice of the Castine resident. The inscription is as follows: “To the Sacred Memory of Oscar Olson and Harrison B. Webster M.D. who gave their lives to the cause of World Freedom and to Our Sons who served their country in its hour of need, we the Grateful People of Castine do dedicate this Memorial. The names of 39 residents are listed on the memorial plaque.

Castines’ Town Hall, called Emerson Hall is the site of tall granite stone panel flanked by two shorter flat-faced panels listing 77 names of those who served in World War II. The top inscription below the “Valor” engraving is “In Honor of the Sons and Daughters who served in World War II in Defense of Our Country.” Below the center listing of names, it notes the monument was “Erected by the citizens of Castine, Maine 1949.”

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