A Civil War memorial can be found at the Oak Hill Cemetery at between Middle, Franklin and McDonald Streets and Wilson Hall. Here can be found a granite obelisk-type monument with 5 granite steps leading to it and surrounded by a raised perimeter wall and numerous short granite obelisks. The simple message inscribed at the base of the stone facing the Penobscot River and Fort Knox in Prospect reads: “Our Country Called – We Obeyed.”

Inscriptions above the primary message and on the four sides pay tribute to the Bucksport regiments that served in the Civil War and the names of all those who lost their lives. The Units include: 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, 2nd Maine Regiment, 6th Maine Regiment, 11th , 13th and 14th Maine Regiments, 22nd , 28th and 31st Maine Regiments.

The newest monument is the Bucksport Area Veterans Memorial which honors six branches of the service with bronze seals mounted on the large Deer Isle granite walls: Navy, Army, Air Forces, Coast Guard and the Merchant Marine. Above the six seals are two lines of engraved inscriptions: TO HONOR ALL THOSE WHO SERVED TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOM and below that: MAY THEY NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. Behind the seal wall is the name of the memorial and the flag of the nation and each service branch. It was dedicated on October 23, 2010. In front of the wall with seals is the “Field of Honor triangle consisting of engraved black stones representing someone who gave his life in battle with his name, war involved with and death date. One either side of the triangle of black stones are additional stones mostly of gray granite in honor of the veterans of all the American wars from the Revolutionary War of 1775-1783 to Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan of 2001 to today. A short granite monument with a black marble engraving tells of the heroism during the Civil War of William B. Hincks, a Bucksport native and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.