Oak Hill cemetery in Winterport is the site for a large Hallowell Maine granite obelisk-style monument with bronze plaques dedicated to those who served and died in the Civil War. The statue was funded by Theophilus Cushing from the town and it was dedicated on September 21, 1871. The bronze plaques were made by the Metallic Art Works Company of Somerville, Mass.

The inscriptions on the monument are extensive and draw upon the heartfelt appreciation of Mr. Cushing and include lines from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address of the fall of 1863. The front of the monument reads, “True National Glory Equal And Exact Justice To All Men In Gratitude To The Citizen Soldiers And Seamen Of Winterport For Services Rendered Our Common Country In Suppressing The Slave Holder Rebellion Of 1861 To 1865, Thereby Maintaining The Union Of The States, And Establishing Equal Freedom And Justice To All The People Thereof. A Citizen of The Town Has Erected This Monument to Perpetuate Their Memory. May We Here Highly Resolve, That The Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain: That The Nation Shall, Under God, Have A New Birth Of Freedom; That The Government Of The People, For The People, And By The People, Shall Not Perish From The Earth. Honor To The Brave.” One side states: “The Army And Navy Of The Republic Guardians Of Law, Liberty, And Justice.” The other side states:“The Citizen Soldier, Our Country's Hope In Its Hour Of Peril.” The rear is inscribed with: “Soldiers In War - Citizens In Peace. From the Right of Protection Comes The Duty Of Allegiance. Gift Of Theophilus Cushing, Sept. 21, 1871.”